There are many forms of fascism, people seeking to impose their will on others, some are obvious, while some masquerade as something far less sinister. Feminism belongs to the latter. Who can argue with the pursuit of equality and justice for all in society? Their cause appears worthy at first glance, but scratch beneath the surface and their true agenda reveals itself to be something more sinister and hateful. The perpetrators of this form of fascism have suffered no repression in their lifetime yet seek revenge on modern men for past oppression, to consign men to their status as second class citizens. Equality is the last thing these feminists want. Like all fascists they want ultimate control over mankind, literally. Their objective is to unconditionally support women, and to attack and vilify men at any given opportunity. Their ultimate goal is to repress and undermine masculinity, to feminise boys and men. There is no rationale underpinning their philosophy. This form of fascism like all others is built on scapegoating, fear, subjugation, and control. Men are demonised and persecuted by feminists, their culture is not merely pro-women but anti-men. Men are their scapegoats, portrayed as cruel, aggressive, war mongers, wife beaters, paedophiles and sex obsessed neanderthals, while they are the innocent victims in a cruel, aggressive, destructive society created by men. The reality of course is very different. They seek to create a society where women have the freedom to say and do as they please, while men are restricted and controlled in their behaviour. One rule for them, and one for us. This is manifesting itself right now, in the law courts, in employment, in domestic situations, in the media, and in society as a whole. Anyone who disagrees with the irrational, biased rhetoric propagated by feminists is met with derision and spite, and is obstinately dismissed as a misogynist. There is no freedom of speech or expression in a fascist society and there isn’t with feminists. These women are committing hate crimes, propagating their own brand of dictatorial ideology. It is vital that men stand up to the tyranny of feminist fascism, to prevent it entering mainstream culture any more than it has, otherwise the future is looking very bleak for men. This essay examines some of the issues closely related to feminist campaigning, providing gender balance on subjects such as domestic violence, dispelling feminist myths, while analysing the behaviour of women in 21st century Britain.

Feminist Organisations/Websites

There are a growing number of feminist/women’s organisations and ‘charities’ in the UK, all with varying degrees of hostility and bigotry. This form of fascism is growing at an unprecedented rate due mainly to the rise of the internet, and their influence is growing strong. Anti-male rhetoric is reaching out to a wider audience, brainwashing young impressionable, often vulnerable women like never before. Cult feminist leaders, often with a heterophobic agenda, are grooming naive young women into viewing men as their enemy in society, a symbol of their fears, failures and perceived repression, disseminating fear and anti-male propaganda in the process. The rhetoric on these pages is similar in nature to racism, religious extremism, homophobia, and anti-semitism, yet this form of stealth fascism appears acceptable to the authorities, even though the impact on society and on men is equally harmful. Misguided feminist campaigners immerse themselves in this self-centred, narrow world of campaigning, seeking out cases of perceived sexism and injustice towards women, while their grip on reality becomes ever more tenuous. They’re not interested in asking men what they think, they just want revenge on innocent men targeted simply because of their gender. There are no principles or ethics underlying their objectives, it’s a case of unconditionally supporting women, while attacking the behaviour of men, demonstrating an appalling level of arrogance in the process. These women show no remorse or guilt for their actions, as they are too self absorbed to understand the hypocrisy they display. The accessibility of the internet has allowed men an insight into the minds of these feminists, and very shocking and disturbing it is too. It is not healthy for a man to view these sites, and it’s certainly not healthy for a woman to immerse herself in the narrow-minded world of feminist campaigning. It will impact on their relationships at home and in the workplace. These pages are negative enough to drain anyone’s soul, and can steal a young woman’s life and harm their social perception. Equality and gender politics is a subject which can only be studied synchronically. References to history can only harm the process of attaining equality and will only cause injustice towards male contemporaries. Historical examination will only cloud people’s judgement. The fact that women couldn’t vote a hundred years ago is irrelevant to new generations of men and women, and references to this past oppression will give rise to hostility and revenge. Most oppression throughout history has in fact related to class, not gender, and the vast majority of men have been treated far worse than women, and had been afforded less protection than many women higher in status. Industrialisation is built on the exploitation of working class men, and many couldn’t vote because they were considered illiterate and uneducated. Britain’s wealth, which women take for granted is built on the exploitation of men, NOT women.

It is important to consider the psychology of the modern feminist campaigner. Many members of feminist groups and women’s organisations suffer from delusions of persecution. Many have emotional problems, suffering from anxiety, stress, depression and they want someone to blame, yet they fail to look within themselves for the source of their problems and failures. Paranoia is rife. They seek scapegoats for their personal failings and emotional problems like any fascists, racists or homophobics do. The mindset of the feminist fascist is much the same. Many unsuccessful or unhappy people project their own failings onto different social groups in society, sub-consciously blaming others for their own personal issues. It’s a common psychological process and feminists are no different. This scapegoating invariably leads to persecution. Many of these feminist campaigners have an irrational fear of men, and want to create a more feminised society where men are demasculated and controlled. They attempt to hijack every issue, and are only capable of viewing these issues from a self-interested, narrow-minded perspective. These feminists are not interested in men’s opinions or understanding their emotions, they just make narrow-minded assumptions, feeding off each others ignorance and paranoia. Leaders of feminist groups, especially the more accessible internet pages on social network sites frighten and manipulate young women into seeing men as the enemy, exploiting their fears and fuelling their paranoia. Every man is a potential killer, rapist, sex offender or paedophile in their eyes, and this irrational fear is inherited by young impressionable women who may think the causes are just. It’s a form of grooming which needs to be urgently addressed. Many influential feminists appear to revel in creating a barrier between men and women, fortifying it at any given opportunity, failing to understand the dynamic between men and women as a result of their own sexual orientation. These humourless, profoundly negative women need a war, a fight to give their life meaning. No matter how powerful women become in society, these feminists will always pursue this agenda. If these campaigners are so intelligent and so useful, why don’t they contribute to society instead of consuming much of their time seeking out perceived sexism on the internet? How useful are these feminists in society? They certainly don’t help society by propagating hate, and I doubt they help the majority of fair-minded women. They seem to have so much campaigning time as a result of their misanthropic tendencies but seem unable to put their rhetoric into practice. They are destructive, not constructive people. Their motivation is negative, not positive. Healthy women do NOT become feminists. Women are more likely to succeed in life if they haven’t been brainwashed with stifling feminist dogma. It gives them an excuse for failure, a reason not to try, and a persecution complex. Most women will grow out of feminist campaigning by their early/mid twenties, as they realise that sitting at a computer, developing a persecution complex does nothing to further their career, or their emotional development.

Some feminist organisations campaign vociferously against men’s playful, gentle ‘sexism’ which often involves complementing women on their physical appearance, celebrating the female form as art has always done, yet they seem oblivious to their own brand of harmful, spiteful, sadistic sexism, intended to make men feel inadequate, useless, and humiliated. They believe women are viewed as sex objects in the media, yet men’s magazines are far less harmful than women’s gossip magazines, which show nasty undercover photographs of women with cellulite, or without make-up intended to humiliate the celebrity and comfort the lesser attractive readers. Their agenda is bitchy and spiteful, an attack on women, not a celebration. Men would never disrespect women in this way. Women are the enemy of women, they always have been. The campaign against ‘lads’ mags’ in the UK by groups such as UK Feminista and Women’s Aid is a prime example of their controlling, fascist agenda. They believe that photos of semi-naked women cause men to act violently towards women. This clearly demonstrates their contempt and lack of understanding of men. By their own terms, violence by women towards men must result from sexual images of men in girl’s and women’s magazines too then? Or does this psychological phenomenon not affect women? There are many semi-naked images of boy bands and sports stars in these publications. Maybe the content in women’s magazines creates a profoundly negative perception of men which we find offensive? Do they consider this? Clearly some women are intolerant of men interacting with women in a sexual way. This could easily be construed as heterophobia. Who decides what is pornographic, art, or fashion? Feminist extremists? Just because we don’t like something that doesn’t mean it should be banned. I’m sure many people are offended by hunting magazines in supermarkets showing carcasses resulting from ‘sporting’ endeavours. Some supermarkets have felt compelled to remove men’s magazines from their shelves as a result of legal threats and bullying by these feminist organisations. They even claim that female supermarket workers are being sexually harassed by being in the presence of these magazines! The campaign to ban men’s magazines is one of the most misguided and ineffectual campaigns ever staged by feminists, and the battle to save them has become a metaphor in the fight against the control feminists seek to impose on men. Banning them would amount to a token act of symbolism, unlikely to have any meaningful impact on society. Individuals and small groups should never be allowed to control society, that’s not what democracy is about, but then UK Feminista is an anti-democratic organisation which believes that feminism should be at the centre of politics, which clearly demonstrates a desire for self-righteous control, and not equality. Organisations such as this create a climate of misogyny and man-hating, which is far more likely to cause sexism and domestic violence than the men’s magazines they seek to ban. The editor of the first magazine to feature the voyeuristic photos of Kate Middleton was a woman. These feminists never campaign when women letch over other women and view them as sex objects. There’s more sexual predation by lesbians than men per head of the population but they never speak of this. Attacking men is their only motivation. These feminists drown in the bile of their own hypocrisy. They also believe women are exploited by men. In fact, men are exploited by women for children, money, power and status. There is probably more disrespectful, sexist behaviour in society by women. A good example of their casual unwitting sexism revealed itself the BBC documentary Panorama, where an episode discussed sexism in football. Many of the comments on the programme by women were deeply sexist, the sort of gender stereotypes men are chastised for. Phrases like “women are better communicators than men”, “women behave with less bravado”, “men are angry because we are taking their jobs”. Sexist generalisations and assumptions about men on a show apparently highlighting sexism by men. Unfortunately the irony seemed lost on them. Many women and girls watch football because they are sexually attracted to players, they have half naked posters of footballers on their walls but when men do this they are considered shallow and sexist. The hypocrisy is staggering sometimes. Let’s not forget how women exploit footballers and other well known celebrities by seducing them in nightclubs and then sell stories to national newspapers. Maybe campaign groups like Object should visit a modern hen night or nightclub to observe women’s behaviour.