One of the prominent issues in society where men suffer great inequality is domestic violence, or violence in the home. Domestic violence campaigning is completely dominated by feminist groups which gives a distorted, twisted slant on the issue. These organisations claim to campaign against domestic violence, but their only motivation is highlighting and preventing violence by men. That’s where their agenda lies. That’s what they target when they campaign and lobby governments. They’re not domestic violence campaigners but anti-men campaigners whose objective is to demonise and control men. They give little consideration to violence by other family members. Such is their dominance in this field, most women actually believe domestic violence means men hitting women. In fact, most men probably do too. The issue affects everyone at some point, everyone’s a perpetrator, everyone’s a victim to some degree, yet the issue has been completely high jacked and manipulated by feminist groups. These charities invent their own definitions of domestic violence and draw conclusion as to the causes which often differ from legal definitions and from the government’s own guidelines. It is astonishing therefore that these charities are allowed to infiltrate schools to give workshops on the issue, and are able to offer counselling to both victims and perpetrators. Counselling services for ‘perpetrators’ of domestic violence should never be provided by these ‘charities’, it should be fair-minded, with gender balance, provided by councils using a government based legal approach. Feminists also set up organisations and charities which only help women. This kind of discrimination is supposed to be consigned to history but these women get away with it. Politicians are too frightened to criticise them because they are well organised on internet, and any policy they perceive as anti-women would be political suicide for any party. It is not considered appropriate to criticise women’s groups. The influence of these organisations is bad for democracy and for the quest in attaining true equality. But then that’s not their objective.

A good example of their unconditional support for women, and the demonisation of men is the domestic violence charity Women’s Aid. It is illegal to discriminate on the grounds of gender but this charity only helps women and children, implying that domestic violence is only carried out by men. This is a clear case of gender discrimination. I’m sure most people would be disgusted if a charity was established which only helped female homeless people, or female drug addicts, or only provided help for men. That’s not what 21st century society is supposed to be about. Women’s Aid is one of the finest examples of feminist fascism. They arrogantly claim that the majority of domestic violence is perpetrated by men. How can they possibly know this given the various forms of violence? You can’t rely on statistics to establish the true nature of domestic violence. The issue is far more complex than that. The advert they created featuring Keira Knightly amounted to nothing short of persecution. A fragile, pretty young lady being viciously beaten by a large, shaven headed thug. It had the effect of demonising men, increasing women’s fear of men, and likely to make the situation worse. The advert did not reflect the true reality of domestic violence, yet some aspects of the media, including Sky news seemed to embrace it without question. It was nothing short of anti-male propaganda, a fine example of a feminist fascist organisation manipulating an issue by applying their own biased, sexually discriminating twist on domestic violence. The mainstream media should have nothing to do with organisations like this, yet many feminist organisations are infiltrating the mainstream media, and as more women hold positions of power within the media and in politics, organisations like this will find it easier to propagate their sexist, narrow-minded dogma. These discriminating organisations should be banned in the 21st century or be forced to change their policies. Charities should help ALL victims, regardless of gender, race, age, and should never, ever discriminate in this way. Campaigning, and provision for victims should be focussed on need, not gender. If women only want to help themselves how can they be trusted with more power and responsibility in decision-making? Men need to start questioning the tactics employed by these organisations and must develop a stronger backbone when dealing with women’s organisations. Men are too submissive regarding these issues and need to become more confident in campaigning against them. It’s not politically correct to criticise these charities though, and that’s the problem. Some would say we need men’s groups to redress the inequalities in campaigning and lobbying but that would be wrong too. Inclusivity is what we should aspire to, not segregation.

The women who run these charities give little consideration to men’s opinions on domestic violence. They make arrogant assumptions about the causes, and as a consequence of their dominance in this area, there is too much emphasis on men’s behaviour. They’re certainly not interested in questioning or changing women’s behaviour. The narrow, biased world they inhabit bares little resemblance to reality, and as a result they fail to address the underlying causes of domestic violence. Most female victims are likely to be perpetrators themselves, but when women are violent, excuses are made for them. They are considered vulnerable, ill, or are violent for purposes of self-defence. Male perpetrators however, are just seen as violent, bullying monsters who should receive lengthy custodial sentences. Violence against women is often an inevitable consequence of their own appalling behaviour. Women often bully men emotionally, and use psychological tactics to persecute, and even torture men. Women wage emotional warfare on their partners if things don’t go their way. One type of violence will invariably lead to another, and these forms of violence can ultimately lead to physical violence. It is possible for anyone to provoke another person into violence. Humans are not robots, or divine beings created by a god, but evolved survivors with instincts. It is certainly not a myth that a woman can make a man violent any more than a man can make a woman violent. The last thing a man wants to do is harm his partner. The myth created by feminists that men are more controlling in the home and that this factor is the root cause of domestic violence simply has no substance. Women can be very controlling and can get aggressive when this control is challenged. You get incidences of domestic violence when a person in a relationship fails to give their partner room to ‘breathe’, to speak, to express themselves, a failure to read people’s emotions and to give them space when required. Fear and stress are certainly the main causes of violence in the home and in society, so improving mental health provision would also be beneficial, as would reducing the stigma associated with mental health issues.

Concentrating more on women’s behaviour in relationships would bare more fruit in reducing rates of domestic violence. You certainly won’t reduce rates without addressing the dark side of womankind. This would help to eradicate the source of most violent conflicts. Women need to think about their behaviour in the same way men are required to. There are too many euphemisms used to describe women’s behaviour: Women are bossy, men controlling. Women feisty, men aggressive. Women strong-willed, men stubborn. Generally speaking, men show incredible restraint and tolerance of women’s behaviour. They can be very unpredictable, irrational and more likely to experience mood swings, and this can have a negative effect on relationships. You certainly won’t hear the initials PMT during a discussion about domestic violence. Women have a more sadistic side towards men too, and will mock men to make them feel inadequate and useless. Men on the other hand are naturally very protective of women and the would never harm a woman in cold blood. Most violence occurs as a result of heated arguments, with raised voices and high stress levels. Women experience break-ups with their female friends on a regular basis, yet this is a rare occurrence with men. This gives a clear indication of who is responsible for most conflict in relationships. Men build women up, women knock men down. Women are more emotionaly selfish and believe only THEY suffer emotionally and give little consideration to the feelings of men. This is reflected in domestic violence campaigning and government lobbying. When government legislation is introduced in this area, it serves only to conciliate feminist campaigners. Politicians know the political consequences of not pandering to their needs. It’s a form of blackmail. These charities are too narrow-minded and belligerent to accept men’s opinions on domestic violence and if you don’t agree with them they become aggressive. They are very controlling regarding the domestic violence issue, yet they believe controlling behaviour is the main cause of domestic abuse. Unfortunately, this irony seems lost on them. Some women purposely provoke their partner into physical violence just to hold it against them, or to be a victim worthy of great sympathy and attention. Some women even want their partner to assault them to gain control, to threaten them with the authorities if the man fails to comply with her wishes. You don’t hear about these cases from domestic violence charities. In fact, you never hear about women’s behaviour from these charities. The issue is infinitely more complex than these women ‘campaigners’ would have you believe.

Feminist campaigners should be careful what they wish for, especially regarding issues of domestic violence and sexual harassment. They don’t realise the privileged position they are in. There’s more sexual harassment and domestic violence committed by women but it’s not taken seriously because it is considered less harmful. If laws were applied equally, and these incidents were reported more, the statistics would be turned on their head. I have witnessed so much aggression and physical violence by women towards men where I live, and men have shown incredible restraint when they have every right to defend themselves. If they did however, their world would fall apart. It’s a ridiculous situation. Women are becoming increasingly violent as a result of more stress and alcohol consumption, while men are becoming more powerless against this. Laws on rape have also given women too much power, and the scope for the abuse and exploitation of these laws has become too vast. If a man has a sexual liaison with a woman who has been drinking then it’s not considered consensual and he can be imprisoned for rape? Most sexual harassment in society is committed by women, especially in nightclubs, groping men, exposing themselves. If men did this they would be arrested and considered a sex offender. A woman exhibiting sexually aggressive tendencies is considered sexually liberated, whereas men are considered perverts or sexual violators in need of punishment and psychiatric help. Feminists are attempting to control men’s sexual behaviour, demasculating them, while encouraging the sexual ‘freedom’ of women. Little consideration is given to the false allegations made against men accusing them of paedophilia, and sex offences to gain revenge. How many men’s lives have been destroyed by false allegations? How many male suicides have resulted from false allegations made by girls and women? It’s a form of emotional manslaughter. The dark side of womankind is being overlooked. Many feminists believe that out-of-touch misogynistic male judges are to blame for the low prosecution rate for rape, but this is not the case. There are so many false rape allegations that it’s not possible to trust women. Once again, women are their own worst enemies, not a male dominated Criminal Justice System. What about lying to their partner that the child he has been raising is his, when it isn’t? These are all wicked crimes which can destroy a man’s life, and they should be dealt with very harshly, preferably with a custodial sentence. A society has been created where it’s considered cowardly to defend yourself against a woman’s physical or verbal onslaught. This needs to change. We need to teach boys how to restrain violent women in a legal way because at present men have no idea how to deal with the growing number of female aggressors. Feminism has certainly created a lot more violent women, and they’ve become increasingly disrespectful towards men. I’ve read of incidents where men have tried to stop their partner from smashing his possessions in his own home, and has been prosecuted for domestic violence. The magistrate was a woman if you’re interested. Should women be allowed to preside over domestic violence cases in courts given their irrational gender bias? Women who attack men are cowards, not vice versa. They know men are powerless, the law gives them an unfair power over men. They realise this and exploit it.

The Criminal Justice System is also an area where women gain an unfair advantage, and tend to receive slighter punishments for similar crimes, often on the grounds of diminished responsibility due to their overtly emotional nature. When women are sentenced, feminist campaigners try to manipulate the justice system by initiating high profile campaigns to free women. A perfect example of the irrational and unconditional support feminists afford to women in these situations is the Pussy Riot trial in Russia. These women committed a crime and deserved to be punished. They received a more than fair trial, yet women all over the world were outraged at their treatment and tried to influence the trial. Why? They should be pleased, they were treated exactly how men would be in that situation. When these women were given a two year custodial sentence, feminists should have applauded the decision as a good day for equality. Unfortunately the irony is completely lost on them. These women want equality but not in the criminal justice system it would seem. Another glaring example of selective equality. Women were not campaigning for their release because they were worried about artistic freedom of expression in Russia, but because they were women, plain and simple. If it was a male punk band they would have no sympathy whatsoever. I doubt if these feminists would be in the slightest bit concerned about artistic freedom of expression if the band was all male. Many female campaigners believe these women should be spared prison because they have children, again, where’s the equality there? It’s ridiculous, bordering on farcical. Why should having a child exempt you from justice? There are many fathers in prison. In fact, many women escape custodial sentences on the grounds they have dependant children, yet fathers are not afforded this exemption.

Feminism is also having a deeply negative impact on family life and on society as a whole. Modern women are being encouraged to become single mothers. It seems to be a lifestyle choice for many women. These women have absolutely no intention of having a father figure. The male partner is just exploited as a sperm bank and then denied access to his children. They don’t deny access to his money though. This modern trend of fatherless parenting is harming relationships between young women and men, because relationships with future partners is strongly influenced by the relationship we have with our parents. Many children are simply commodities for generating money, providing accommodation and welfare support. These women need never work and seem to have more disposable income than working families. Despite this, feminists believe they’re deserving of even more financial support. Feminism on the whole is destroying society. These single mothers are creating the worst children in society because they are simply not wanted for the right reasons, and little time and effort is invested in them. Feminists certainly devalue and be-little the essential role fathers play in the raising of a child, attempting to kill-off father hood, which will have devastating consequences for society. Sometimes feminism completely disregards the laws of nature. We have witnessed the negative impact of dwindling male role models in schools and now it’s happening in the home too. Women’s selfishness is harming family life and society. There’s less discipline of women and children in society too, and this lack of respect is starting to manifest itself.